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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for zotac
I was VERY nervous buying via AliExpress not because of bad press but I've never used them before, I gave them as chance as I had seen their name while watching Linus Tech Tips. I got my item delivered from China quicker and with FULL tracking MUCH quicker than any Ebay seller ever did. I will certainly use AliExpress again.
The fans are good quality and work well. The only issue to note is that the 3 fan mounting holes are not aligned for GTX1070 mini GPU. A simple fix that i did was to use a thin metal wire through the mounting holes and use a plier to twist and lock the wire. Another option is to drill fresh holes, however this is a bit time consuming and you can risk misalignment of the fan if not drilled correctly.
from the weight i believe it is Copper with an nickel plated finish. State clearly which material is used. Its necessary to counter galvanic corrosion in a watercooling loop. It was described as copper ... but the finish is clearly not copper.