Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for xtron
Works as advertised but there is a bug where if you also connect your phone's Bluetooth to your car android it doesn't really switch over to the OBD2 when you need it. You gotta unplug it then plug it in again for it to be detected.
Rover 75 tested, works. Good unit. Fast, lots of memory. Tune button color. Map steering wheel buttons, long press, short press. Best quality. Order now! 2 minuses: No automatic brightness, and glossy, shiny screen, sun reflects bad. Needs matte protection film. Rover 75 cable not included, the description says also not included. Iso cable not available on Aliexpress, only on Xtrons site, not good. Its easy to purchase here. I ask to include ISO cable giving exact product code, they confirm cable now included, package arrived. My free day off work. I removed old unit, screw open the car. Put new head unit in, cannot plug cable, incorrect. No ISO cable for Rover. I write to them, they made good price so that I could order correct cable. I had car open, wife angry. I need to finish today, cannot wait for cable. So I grab Rover and BMW wiring manual. RTFM. Luckily the included cable has similar pins as Rover plug. So I release pins from Rover ISO-plug, put pins in BMW cable manually.