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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for x220
Perfectly fine battery (after a week of use and two recalibrate cycles at 97.9% of the stated capacity and > 12h of battery runtime under normal use which is exactly like it should be). Package was declared as "15$ free shipping" and customs was a bit problematic though. One possible improvement would be to state ~20$ price and ~20$ shipping on the package so that customs doesn't complain.
Seems to be original Lenovo battery. According to the battery self report, it was manufactured on April 2018, and was never used before I received it. After performing a "battery reset", full charge is 98Wh. Works fine in my X220; I do not have X230, so cannot say if it has the required lenovo chip, and if it will work there.
The product arrived missing the rubber feet on the bottom of the battery. However, the seller offered a partial refund which I accepted. The battery has new Sanyo cells and works as expected for 5 hours + in the Thinkpad X230.