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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for wooeasy in ear
A very nice earbud for its price range. Decent bass but still quite detailed and has good soundstage. Don't compare it to expensive earbud in $100++ range though. However it's a good place to start your audio/earbud "journey". Recommended seller too. Nice customer service. :)
These are fantastic. They compare very well with some of my more expensive headphones, but were are priced at a point where I can not feel too precious with them and actually use them in the world.
thanks, I already have a pair and these are for my partner. great for all types of music and podcasts. the braided cord is really study and I LOVE the 90° plug - finally I don't break earphones in my pocket every time I sit down!
As far as I understand these are rebranded VIDOs with a better cable, definitely worth the extra. Unlike most earbuds they bring in some bass. Some of the best buds you can buy at this price range.