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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for çadır
Good quality, came pretty quickly, thanks for the gift. Now I have some privacy from my neighbors :-D as You can see from the pictures. Should have ordered more as I saw the discount.
We bought this tent because of the green rainfly (same colour as the old msr hubba hubba tent). Really happy with the green colour. We already have the white one (2017 model). The tent is really amazing (13 days tested). It held up great one night with hard winds. The tent is seamsealed, but needs to be re done at some point. This can be easily done and you’ll have a great, lightweight tent! The only downside is the bathtub floor, its not very strong. Buy a good groundsheet with it (we use Tyvek). We ordered the tent 16/4 shipping ePacket to the netherlands, arrived 1/5.
Was shipped very fast: within two weeks to Belgium. Happy with the pegs. Weighed them without the cordage, and four of them weigh 16 to 17g, 2 weigh 15 to 16g. I don't know why there's this difference in weight (which is quite significant respective to their total weight), it might be due to a cheaper production process leaving air bubbles inside the molten titanium. But, the pegs are rather cheap, so you get what you pay for. Will report back as soon as I have tested them out thoroughly. But happy customer so far, I would recommend the seller.
Item received quicky ! Thanks :) I've tried it and it works really well. I've repaired a North Face Flight Series rain jacket just using an iron (on mid warm setting)