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Hi Dear Brazilian customer,
Note From Brazil Post
From 2019.12.15, Parcels Send To Brazil Must Have Recipient's Tax ID (CPF) . Without CPF Can not Complete Customs Clearance, May Be Returned or Be Destroyed.
One Tax ID is CPF (o cadastro de pessoa Física) , Format is 000.000.000-00;
The Other One Tax ID is CNPJ (Cadastro Nacional da Pessoa Juridica,) , Format is 00.000.000 / 0000-00;
Please Leave Your Tax Id (CNPJ or CPF) In your Address Or Order Note ,Or We May Can Not Send the Parcel Out In Success.
If Right Now You Have No CPF or CNPJ, Please Try to Get One For Further Purchase.

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Dear customers,
1. Please leave us your color choice and suitable size message when required. 
2. Some items are marked with "randomly", pls do not choose colors,as those item sell by random color, do not support choosing the colors.
3. Some order after delivery may show " shippment canceled" OR do not have the updated trakcing,pls give us a message to check it, and if any questions, pls do not open a dispute before contacting us.
4. Some items or some places may need the exactly shipping methods to ship out, so we may change your shipping method to the best one, hope for your understanding.
5. Dear Brazil customers, Brazil Customs will charge tax from every overseas parcel,you can refer:, some time for a parcel best sending, we may change you shipping way, if you have any question or other idea before you buy, pls give us message. Best regards
6.Some parcel send by SF eparcel, if arrived in your local post office, you don't know how to pick up, you can call " 0-800-500-609 ” for help.
PS:"Sunday" is our rest day, sorry for any inconvenience!  
Wish you a happy shopping in my shop!


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