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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for yıldız savaşı
Costume arrived quickly and very well packaged. The costume is of good quality and convincing. The fabric is beautiful. BUT I GIVE ONLY 4 STARS BECAUSE : - the gloves are for men, they are too big. - the length of the garment isn't the same as the measurements chart. ( I ordered S for women, height 162 cm, I had to cut 7.5 cm of fabric in order to have the right size. Given the price of the costume, I would have appreciated a little more attention) Thanks for this Kylo Ren cosplay, I know you can do it better next time ! ^-^
I got this belt for use with a Halloween costume . I am very pleased with the quality of the item. It is faux leather, so there may be some creasing after wearing for a while, but the build quality is excellent. It is made of a thick material and the stitching in the top and bottom trim is perfect. The buckle is highly detailed, however it is a bit lighter in color than the screen belt used in the movies; easily fixable with some model paint. The Velcro seems to hold strong and is several inches in length making it easy to adjust for the perfect fit. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase and the seller. Thanks!
A great product, especially for the price. It is sent in a bent shape, so you will need to let it sit for a few days so the wrinkles can get out of the fabric a bit. Very satisfied!