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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for spartan xilinx
Thank you for the high quality product, after the first power up, beeps comes in and a test program started. The packaging was fine everything included in it. I will keep on eye on this seller for future orders.
I ordered two evaluation boards. The price is good and the item came quickly. Good packing. The description of the item is full and true . I made sure, everything is works fine. Thank to seller!
Fast delivery, well packed in cardboard box and bubble wrap. Seller promptly provided link to schematic, factory test program (LED flash) and examples (not specific to this board). Only complaint: the configuration flash chip was not as originally advertised. I had intended to make use of the 'Multiboot' facility, but this will not now be possible with the smaller chip. It is still a nice board, and I have successfully programmed it using a Platform Cable USB clone.
Delivered in good time, very well packed in cardboard box and bubble wrap. Board looks well made. Would be nice if it had a larger SPI flash chip. Comes pre-programmed with a flashing LED demo. So far, I have only programmed it with a simple example, using a Platform Cable USB clone.