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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for horlama stoper
The use of several kinds of snoring device, it is really a sub price of goods, this is much better than before. The liquid crystal display can be seen very intuitively. The charging function also eliminates the trouble of constantly replacing batteries. The sensitivity is much higher, not bad, but the result is pretty good.
I bought this is infrared, the price is practical, it is really good, the appearance is still good, this machine is exactly as described as the same, high sensitivity, and the infrared effect of some effect, before the machine can not be bought, sleep outside the bed can also induce the sound of snoring. Really, yes, similar vibration is like massage. It doesn't affect my rest. Very good. It's very convenient to use 7 hours to turn off the machine automatically, and it will not affect my wife's sleep later.
The logistics is very fast, the packing is very good, the product is not broken, the product is good, the business is good, the product is good, very satisfied, it is worthy of trust and recommendation.