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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for skinni
i wasnt to sure about these pants but once i got them and tried them on i fell in love. There very thin and are for the spring or summer time and i highly recommend if ur looking for some cute, stylish pants that's affordable. Very nice and i will order again!!!!!!
I want a little bit tighter fit so I ordered a size down from my previous order. I have them in two different colors now. They are very sharp looking jeans:). Makes me look very tall. Fast shipping.
3rd time ordering from this seller as I really like these jeans and now I have five pairs. I ordered size 31, 30 & 29 for loose, fit and tight fit. They are very sharp and stylish. Seller is excellent and shipping is super fast. Thank you.
Oh absolutely love it:)))) Very good quality. I usually don't order jeans online because my size is not typical. This jean size 31 fits my 27" waist & 38" hip. Thank you very much.
Slightly long in the legs, I could have gone the 34 and it probably would have been perfect and still fit my waist. Id say the size fit it perfect though because it was exactly as stated.