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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for kısa kadın
These are fantastically comfy shorts. I already own a black pair, and have ordered a blue and mustard colored ones for this summer, which came in time for our vacation. They fit, they aren't too hot, they don't pill between the legs, they protect from chub rub (long enough to prevent thighs rubbing), which allowed me to walk around a lot while we traveled. Absolutely recommended!
Incredibly comfortable shorts, fit my 99 waist/120 hips excellently. I have already ordered and received the yellow and blue variants as well since the first one (black) that I ordered was so fantastic, because it's so rare to find shorts that fit this well on my rather sizable behind. Very recommended if your hip to waist ratio is pretty big and you don't want to have plumber-crack at the waist.
Product reached in 10 days to Norway, which is fast. I have ordered 26 and its a bit tight, but its my mistake, not the seller's. Quality of the shorts is very good
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