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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for retro rs 97
Very satisfied! It came in 3 weeks time and this is probably the best emulator device currently available on the market. My son loves it. I love it even more! :)
STOP! This is the kne you're looking for! This is easily the very best portable console I have (and I have many). It's capable of emulating arcade, home amd portable retro consoles like a champ. I saw it tested by ETAPRIME on YouTube and, trusting his review, I came to this seller to buy it. This store was really serious about customer support! When the first one arrived it was damaged, by delivery perhaps, they QUICKLY sent a replacement unit, without hesitation! So: an awesome console sold by an awesome store. TOTALLY RECOMMENDED!
Overall seems pretty good for GBA clone, build quality is good on the actual unit (though light weight) & it handles most ROMs well, the screen is nice & bright but suffers from viewing angles. not tried the included SD card reader as it has some stuff pre-installed. Looking at the included reader it probably won't accept a micro SD card because of the housing has a knotch that looks to be obstructing the inlet (needs modifying). Also for the price this could have come with an 8gb or 16gb card, but you do get a charging cable & AV output cable, delivery was bout 2 weeks to the UK, overall good seller.
Excellent retro console. No problem with emulation. You don’t even have to set it up, it’s already set up. Just upload your games from PC, and you’re ready to go. And better by SD memory, because of huge amount of games.