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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for rainboot woman
Very cool boots. The colour is vibrant and I recommend to take a number bigger, because I wear 38 but I bought 39 and they are perfect for my feet. They are totally waterproof and fortunately they are lined inside. Delivery completed in 20 days. @@@@
The boots are AMAZING QUALITY!!!! They are water proof like gum boots in the rain, only they are prettier than gum boots. You must give them a try. Also the seller was sweet enough to send the socks, I thought it was only the shoes. My girlfriend loves them!!!
- soft & warm cotton lining, can be worn in winter too. - good heel balance - comfortable to wear, doesn't hurt my feet. - fast shipping The only one thing I don't like .. the seller agreed that the product's value will be declare as "9$" but how come the seller declared it as "20$" on the package..? Even more expensive than its real price. Fortunately, I didn't get in trouble with the customs.
Excelent product. I ssked for a 38 as I am 37.5....and due to the fact I asked the extra the smooth interior for winter...they sent me a 39 size otherwise would be too tight . ...I never thought about that.., excelent customer service
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