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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for qilefu
Light as and well made the weave is symmetrical and clean, however I asked for 100mm reach and from stem bolt to centre of bar I measured 90mm, but not a real problem. Good product good seller.
Very good, very promp, very honest and responsible seller. They made the mistake and the rectify it immediately. will order again. Im glad i chose this seller as my rims supplier. thank you.
The seller has made correction and sent the items with 2 other wheels. All are in perfect shape and i am totally satisfied with seller's effort, after sales and services. Will maintain rapport and purchase more in future as this seller is trustworthy. Thanks
I am happy with this cage. 25g Bent the top to become the bottle holder and bent the bottom to be out of the way. Now it is a right hand grab on the seat tube. A bit of a shame they don't make them this way i the first place and then sell the in pairs, one left and one right, but this is an easy solve.