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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for projector wzatco
Excellent! This function and performance are perfect at this price. It was a product beyond expectation. Shop response is quick. But in Japan it is not possible to watch because the TV standard is different. Of course. A wonderful shop and staff, thank you very much.
It is a very nice projector with many functions. I can also connect my google chromecast and it works very well on it. I’m not sure about the brightness of this projector: is it 5500 LUMENS or 2000 ANSI LUMENS? Which one is correct ?
It is kinda ok for the price, but the focus is bad, basically when you have a movie with subtitles if you focus to see the words at the bottom of the screen, at the top everything is in blur, and this happens when the projection is not bigger than 1,2 meter wide