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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for güç kaynağı için gpu
Positive 1. Cable length (total) is spot on 2. connectors have a positive connect and fitts perfectly 3. braiding is spot on 4. overall quality is amazing Negative only small individual differences in cable lenght, with cablecombs, not noticable. so realy nothing negative i will recomend theese. the overal color sturdynes and quality are amazing for the prize. it is non comparable with example cablemods. witch are 10 times more expensive. i am blown away by the overall quality, and amazing color of purple. for however sleeved these, god work. god connection and sleving is perfectly done
Item seems alright. Low ratingOrdered on May 20 and they did not ship for 2.5 weeks. Finally April 6th they shipped. Then I just received today after waiting over two months. Using epacket to Canada.