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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for pmr
RT24, my second order. The Radios are very good quality. Very good audio. The only thing is that you need to order a USB PC cable to be able to amend the CTCSS. They are set to 16 on all 8 channels in case you want to talk with other PMR's. Waiting for my USB config cable. One thing, please ensure we can order standard spare batteries to these devices as the batteries will probably not last forever and without spare the radio is useless.
Well packaged and working out of the box. Did not yet test the range. Note: the 2 pin USB programming cable is not included, which is apparently needed for changing the settings such as the VOX feature, so I'll update my feedback when that arrives.
I was very skeptical at first and not confident in getting this but after a quick test of range and reception quality is exceptionally good! Seven storey building through concrete stairs and down to basement with reception and audio quality is impressive!!! Packing was good and the quality of the set is very acceptable for the price. I have ordered one more set and it's on the way!