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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for parça peruk
This wig is true to length. I got a 22 inch because they were sold out of 24 inches. The wig is absolutely stunning. It is soft and their is no smell and so far no shedding. The shipping was fast. I ordered It Tuesday It shipped Wednesday and I received the hair by Friday that same week. I truly recommend everyone to buy this hair.
I’ve ordered from this vendor before and that was the best hair I’ve ever had! Which is why I preferred here again, I haven’t installed this hair yet but I’ve washed it and it looks so good. You can trust the photos and the send the hair right away, mine arrived within 10 days.
The curl patterns are absolutely amazing. A little nervous to order since their were no reviews. The texture is soft the cap is comfortable and adjustable. Not heavy. The only weird thing is the crown has a lot of hair and it fades as the length gets longer. I combed out a bit and that made it a little fuller. Not experience with wig buying but I will say compared to wigs I have seen in stores this one exceeds my expections on quality and curl pattern. It looks natural. Will buy again and refer 18 inches
Alice is a darling... She helps me from the start , answered all my questions, and honestly the hair quality is the best compared to the one i bought from other stores keep up the good work... I am happy, my client is also happy