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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for perulu frontal sadece
I take a lot of time to leave a feedback because I wanted to see the hair quality in the time. and the result is this is super quality of hair. no shedding, no tangle, and the hair is super soft. And No smell. the shipping was fast and the customeer service was great. they deserve more than five stars, realy.
The hair is so soft and just falls into place , the shipping didn't take long, no weird smell .Its been about 2 weeks and Overall I'm in love with the hair
Omg so is first like to say I was VERY skeptical about ordering hair offline because I'd hear good and bad results but I said I would read the reviews and just hope it is as good as they say and I must say this hair just by seeing and touching it is the best!!!! And you definitely cannot beat the price!!!! Also communication was amazing,replied fast and was so nice and made sure my questions were answered in a timely manner, I've never experienced such great customer service like this. Needless to say GET THIS HAIR , you won't regret it!!
It was exactly what was shown in the picture. I really love this frontal and how it came lightly plucked which made it easier for me to pluck the rest. Overall I’ll be buying more frontal’s from here again.
WOW REALLY LOVE THE HAIR TEXTURE CAN WAIT TO PUT IT ON , shipping was really fast and the delivery too , like i have no complain to make , communication with the seller , really good , i’ll be ordering soon gain !
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