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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for peruca synthetic
I love this wig! The color is gorgeous, beautiful ombre purple, the hair is soft and doesn’t tangle easily. It looks exactly like the picture. There are just two tiny things I don’t like about this wig and one is my own fault for not looking at the picture good enough. When the flaps at the ears are placed properly, the hair is parted to the side on top of the head, not in the middle. But that is just like the picture. Other thing, the wig netting is a little big. I don’t have a big head and my own hair isn’t thick so there is a lot of space left in the netting. That is the only flaw I can find for this wig. Love it!
Processed, shipped and delivered within around just over 2 weeks. Colour is just as shown and perfect length! Not itchy at all to me. Bangs needed a slight trim (as per any wig). Used for my Isabelle cosplay!
very soft the color is perfect for kagura!!! Not orange, not red but a real and beautiful vermillion color! I wish I could find one with the same color for kamui too ;v; the shipping was very fast! :D