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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for kalem,
lovely gift for someone who loves totoro..but then who doesn't . gifted to my husband.. he loved it. very novel. not seen this in India. the quality of the totoro plastic is good however the pen quality in itself isn't too good . it's a good novel piece but not good for writing lengthy pages..just a sign or a quick note. s or
I haven't tested it, but the color is nice and bright, the pen seems to be sturdily constructed, and all the other pens in the batch I've bought (that I've tested) are good writers. I recommend this store for all things Jinhao.
The pen came without any ink. It's not a big deal as you can find ink very easy at any stationary store. It is a piston style ink cartridge and is really easy to refill. The pen feels good in your hand and has a little weight to it. It writes great as well. Shipping was really quick! I recommend this seller!