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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for yeni varış çiçek nakış
Great customer service and received my large order in less than 2 weeks! I bought 11 different kits from this seller because Ive been searching for full drill diamond paintings using the crystal rhinestones and they have MANY! The pictures used to describe the products in most of their listings is a real picture of the coded painting so you can see pretty much what it will look like but 100% more beautiful! The pictures people also submitted on their reviews helped me feel confident to order and I received my entire order in one double wrapped bag which I requested but they also put each kit in their own padded envelope! Needless to say my order arrived with NO issues NO missing drills and each canvas wrapped around a styrofoam noodle to ensure undamaged! Thank you! Highly recommended store! Sorry I couldnt get my pictures to upload correctly
Fantastic! The quality is high, better than in popular chain stores, the fabric is soft and nice. The size normal in my opinion. Just it has no push up. I can strongly recommend!