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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for mini ac için ev
Order received, in the way was a month, packed in a cardboard box with interlayers of porous material, of course the whole crumpled box, the contents of the whole, except for a box with engraving nozzles, the nozzles themselves are made in the form of spraying on a molded hairpin, I think it is possible only on soft materials I can only engrave it for metal, because the spraying will lose its properties, the machine itself works. The speed is regulated, there is even a set of additional brushes in the set, the flexible shaft is not smeared, it is solved, we will check in the case, a little later I will add a review :)) as a whole for 2500t.r. set normal with a bunch of baits, a good alternative to Dremel, I recommend !!
All as described. Tough packing box, two grind stones and spare graphite brushes included. Device's weight says about good motor. I think, it's "upright" 180 Watts. There is a place for flexible shaft connection (that's good).