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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for mikrofon şok
The microphone came in very quickly. The package was secure, even Amazon assisted with the packaging. I find the rod and the stand difficult to attach, but everything else seems to connect just find. I am still at the progress of connecting the microphone with my laptop and will eventually update with pictures as well.
It's a really good microphone, considering the price of it! It works 100% and is indeed compatible with my Canon EOS 700. So I'm a very happy, satisfied customer. The box was a tiny bit damaged, but the content inside was intact and good to go, so nothing to complain about there. All in all, I am very satisfied. I have yet to test out all the microphone's features, but I'm excited!
'Hanging recording microphone and Stand' Product matches its description. The seller kept good communication and also lived up to thier word of having it delivered within ten days. I couldnt be happier.