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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for mi home thermostat
Product: Bad: One unfortunate thing is that you have to choose one of the China servers in the app for it to pair which is a shame considering that when you change servers you loose devices paired to another server. One other thing is that the interior has an industrial smell. I'm hoping it will wash away after a few boils butbI'll have to wait and see. Also, because the lid is mostly metal you have to watch out after ot's hot and only touch the plastic parts. Lastly is the control of the pouring, you can either have a large flow while pouring or a mess on the table, but that was expected given the short nozzle. The good part is that the interior has NO PLASTIC, it's very quick boil and the temp control & monitoring is actualy top notch, especially for the price. The seller: I've delt with the seller before. The shipping was not anything special in terms of speed although last time they got in contact with me to ask me the price they should put on the package, this time they didn't.