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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for meian special
I really appreciate how the individual packs of beads are labeled very distinctly. The beads also look & feel better than the previous diamond painting project I worked on. Beautiful colors. Complete set of tools. The only downside is that this package took a while to arrive.
This one is going to be beautiful! Lots of sparkle and vivid color, plus special stones. Arrived in excellent condition. Although I checked and all beads are included I won't be sure there are adequate amounts until I finish as there was no checklist to inventory quantity of beads. All in all I am very pleased.
Came fast once shipped. Canvas is easy to read, has no wrinkles, wrapped around beads, and packed in a good box. Beads all accounted for and look like good quality. No bead quantity list.
Great seller!...order came reasonably fast...I ordered it on May 4th and it arrived on May 16. Symbols are really clear and easy to see....everything was packaged well, the box had a small rip but everything was accounted for...although I was missing a inventory sheet..I would recommend this seller!! I will order from them again...I loved the way that this piece turned out..I can’t wait to hang it up!