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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for luxury cowhide leather clutch
The wallet is excellently made, great quality. My order was shipped fast, however, It would have been nicer and safer had the seller wrapped the item safely. The item was only placed in a box and was not securely wrapped from possible water damage.
Dear A&S, I know that you have the most beautiful valets and bags , I bought one valet years ago and many friends asked me where I have them from. They are very convenient and really beautiful. I'm going to bay a third valet, now in black as a birthday gift for a friend. Also the valets are now upgraded and you made them better then years ago despite of this that they where years ago fantastic too. You are also very reliable and kind. Of course you have to wait a little to get it....but good things take a little more time . This is OK. Of course the product description and the pics are excellent. Thank you again and have a good time. Just continue to make such beautiful products. Best regards to you and your great country China. Dr.Leo Romanowicz, Florida USA.
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