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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for lots a customize
I'm very happy with my ribbon! The seller is very friendly and the communication is fast and easy. The ribbon is perfectly designed, very good quality! Definitely will order more! Thank you!
I am very satisfied with the Labels. Labels are very good quality and made to customised order. They arrived very quickly once the order was dispatched by the suppliers. I had been in contact with Rose Xu and she helped me with all my questions every-time I asked her. She was very quick in making any changes to the Lables when ever I needed the changes to be done. She was very helpful with the designing of the labels and the product output is very high quality once I received the labels. The package was neatly and securely double packed. When delivery was done I was not at home but when I collected the packages I had to show my ID for which I was very happy which means that the order is very secure once placed and can not be lost or stolen. I am very happy with the overall service of the store and when I will need new order I will contact them again and if my friends want the product I will recommend their service and products.