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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for longboard motor tekerlek
Very good kit. Easy to assemble. The power rating is close to stated one, the torque is enough to climb any hill in my city at half throttle. I wight 80 kg and it moves really fast ~ 35 km/h, didn't try full throttle because it is not that safe to go faster. Overall good quality purchase. One minus - I the bolts had some heads stripped so if in a need of disassembling it would be a struggle to undo the bolts.
great contruction of sender, no customs :-D shipment took longer because of that, UPS tracking was supplied very fast but took a bit longer to get active. customer support explained, no problem.
Everything on pictures is exactly as it arrived. I ordered two different color for small and big wheels, and the greens are fantastic. Both colors are like in the pictures as well. The skate is working great, still need to be used to motorized skating, but it seems fun. Excellent response from the seller. Quick sending and fair delivery! The price on the site was exactly the only expense for buying! No additional transportation costs, no TAX, noVAT, no Customs passing here in EU. Arrived with UPS ground and was delivered at my door. Still from China to Europe required 14 days, so from order to delivery it took 20 days.