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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for lipo ac
The unit works amazing. Pros: I had undervoltage cells in my 4S battery, using the NiMh program charge option I was able to recover the battery and start a LiPo balancing charger, then recovered. Negative: Well, not at all but the 'turbo' noisy fan... Resume: Recommended 100%
Magnificent charger. It charges accurately my lipo packs at 4200 mV per cell and balances very well. Works exactly as product description. Note: Cooling fan is quite loud and works most time. Zero problems so far, so I am very happy.
Good product. Works as advertised. Instructions are difficult to understand. Included alligator clips are very poor quality, you'll need to order better ones. Well packaged. Make sure to also order whatever connector you will need to hook up to your battery as this package does not include those. Good for light duty RC charging if you don't want to spend a lot of money. Shipping to Canada took two months, not sellers fault. Customs / Canada Post is to blame for the delays.
Very useful stuff for 1s lipos. It's powerful, intuitive to use, it has a lot of protecting features. The charging process is "smart" (two phases: fix current until the targeted voltage reached, fix voltage and dropping current in the finishing phase). The knobs are logarithmic, so you can adjust currents precisely and the overall build quality is very good. But there are some issues too: - The manual states that you can read the charging capacity after the process is finished. It's wrong, you can't. There is no way to check the capacity after the finishing beeps. - My device is slightly overcharges my batteries. It undermeasures voltages about 0.02-0.03 volts, so it ends slightly above the safe limits. The inaccuracy is acceptable in my case atm, but I don't know if it changes in time or not. As you can't calibrate the device, you should keep your eyes an it to avoid unnecessary damages.