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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for lg otg
not tried, but it looks good. i will write my second comments later. but shipment is untraceable, so postman put the package on my post box. it is better if you can use traceble post. küçük ve kibar bir urun, kaliteli duruyor, takipsiz kargo ile geldi, belki o konuda saticiya yazabilirsiniz.
It’s really easy to use. I love the convenience that you can attach on the keychain and the caps to prevent dusts getting to the device. Very happy with seller’s customers service. Thank you.
Delivery to Bangkok only 7 days. Works. supports USB keyboard, and USB flash-drive connected to a smartphone. Works on either position (as type C could be inserted by either side). Tested on Samsung A8+. Good quality. Made from metal. It looks even USB3. Recommended.
Delivery to Bangkok only 9 days. Items look very good quality - "tough", "metallic" feel. Looks like they are indeed made of aluminum, as promised. Arrived 2 unites, as advertise, each with a nice little chain with carabine-locks on each side of the chain - exactly as on the picture. Tested with Samsung A8+ - work perfect with either a USB-flash drive or with a USB-keyboard. Most probably USB3.0/3.1 speed supported (but I didn't have anything USB3.0, so I can not test the speed transfer, but, judging by the blue color of its A-port, it look like it is a USB3, rather than USB2 device). The only stupid thing I did - I bought the black color pair rather than color-less silver ones, which I believe might lead to scratching off the black color if kept together with keys. Will probably order silver-colored ones, as I love this thing. Highly recommended.
Product received in good condition. Working nice. First time the seller sent wrong product but refunded on complaining. Its very tiny and can be kept in the wallet also. Recommended product