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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for legins kadın kadın
Do not drop ship. The packages take over a week to be accepted by the local post office and 30% of them never leave China, but you cannot dispute for 2 weeks. So, if they get it right the second time around your customer will have waited over a month for their package. They don't always get it right the second time around, so your customer is waiting a month and still nothing has left China... The products are excellent. The shipping reliability is absolutely horrible. Trust me. I'm trying to recover my business performance ratings from being poorly rated trying to drop ship from this company. Also, you can't compete in the US with their Amazon prime listings. They are selling the same items for $6-8 with free 2-day shipping. You'd be better off sourcing it from them through Amazon. You'll at least definitely get it AND get it a hell of a lot faster, but you'll pay a little more. You've been warned...
It took some time for it to arrive (around 1 month to UK) but I am amazed that I got the fit right. I am UK size 16 in Next 14 in primark, boobs 36 DD (UK size) and it was fitting comfortable.It could easily accommodate UK 16 with bigger chest size I would say even size 18 UK. I have large hips-pear shape and this jacket fits just right.not too tight not too super loose-just right and a bit of space left but feels so comfy! Jacket is made mainly from polyester but has a bit of spandex(3%) around the cuff and end of jacket around the hips. Now i know i want more colors. THIS JACKET IS EVERYTHING .
Those are my 4th or 5th leggings here and I want more! Really comfy, feels like second skin. Ideal for fitness, dancing, lazy day at home or going out. Just perfect. Universal size, for my hips perfect :-)