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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for leg line
really cute and fast delivery. i have to say every thing hoopet i have purchased has been great. really well made and good sizing. the decal on this is cute and well done. there is a light padding to this snow suit but not a lot but it is big enough for my pup to wear something under it for extra warmth. this does have a slight smell but its due to the type of fabric. this will air out over night. very very gappy with this product. size is slightly to big as i have said but nothing i cant work with the length is slightly longer 27 instead of 25 ( from under the hood ) but again nothing not workable. my dog is about 25 but when she sits 26 so this will keep her bottom warm when she moves about. ( better to long and wide then too small) but all in all super lovely and will have a happy and warm doggy now. lovely quality and worth the money. buy this you will not regreat it. just messure your pet and go with the size chart dont go smaller or larger go with the size thats fits your dog.