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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for leather snake
Yesterday in my hometown, soon, the package is white related description.With a gift, there is a decorated tassel, silver-gray metal is gorgeous, very good...This means the pockets are decorated.The seller examined the goods carefully.This is a very grateful person.This is a great seller, I should thank you.
Gift fast gray, is placed in a bag, in a good packing, the bag is soft, big, have tassel, there is a small pen, and a large, buy and recommend a decent salesman.Extra photos.This bag can be packed a lot. It's convenient to travel. Thank you.
golden bag is very nice. It looks very nice. The color is very beautiful.Fast, the packing is good, there is a layer inside, soft bag, and a plastic bag.The shape is very good, the space is very big, when it opens, its capacity is super large, its value is very appropriate.Trackers, salespeople.I recommend one.