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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for lanshan 1
Great tent. I am really happy that I waited and they made a green coloured Lanshan 2. Pretty lightweight. Haven't put it up yet, but shouldn't be too hard. Good Seller with great communication after the first tent did not arrive. Once resent arrived quickly. Thanks !
Thanks to JY Outdoor Equipment Store! I asked if they could send me a green tent and they did! I'm very happy with it, very well made and the weight is the same as in the description (maybe a few grams less)! The shipping time was around 2 weeks (to Germany), the seller shipped everything right away! To those of us who can't spend 500€ on a ultralight tend this is a very good alternative! Let's see how long it will last
The tent's quality is excellent! I got the 4 seasons version and used it next to a river. At night the temperature would get at about 12C and the humidity was as high as it gets. I had to stretch the tent realy realy good and make sure that the inner layer didn't touch with the outer layer absolutely nowere, otherwise it woyld satart dripping. Specificaly, it was touching at the top seams because the inner layer was not hanging low enough. It's realy easy to set up. The materials and the seaming are realy high quality. I also liked the design. It's very spacious for a 2 person tent of this type. I am cosidering also buing the summer inner tent because the 4 sason inner layer is for true to be used with low temperatures. You can't sit in the tent if it's for example 20C outside All in all, I am realy excited with the tent and I would defenately recomend it. It easily compares with or even trumps popular and expencive brands.
Very well made tent for the price, will be testing it next week. Solid materials, other than what many people noted the outertents tie-out points need a bit of seam sealing, it's quick to pitch and quite roomy.
We bought this tent because of the green rainfly (same colour as the old msr hubba hubba tent). Really happy with the green colour. We already have the white one (2017 model). The tent is really amazing (13 days tested). It held up great one night with hard winds. The tent is seamsealed, but needs to be re done at some point. This can be easily done and you’ll have a great, lightweight tent! The only downside is the bathtub floor, its not very strong. Buy a good groundsheet with it (we use Tyvek). We ordered the tent 16/4 shipping ePacket to the netherlands, arrived 1/5.
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