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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for çocuk ayakkabı çocuk kız
The sandals are perfect! The skin is very soft and comfortable. My daughter wears EU- 28 size, so I ordered 12, it's for 18 sm. food, the leg is 19 sm. Delivery was very long to Bulgaria but I recommend the sandals!
Sandals are beautiful and made of soft leather. I followed the indications to choose the right size but they end up being too big for my girl. She has 16 cm length plus 1cm for extra room I end up ordering size 11 but besides long they are wide in the front (maybe not suitable for thin feet). I will save them for next summer.
These are wonderful shoes. Great quality! Must buy for your little girl. I bought the white ones. I did buy a size larger based on other reviews and the one size larger seems to fit perfectly.
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