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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for klavye rus
Keyboard is good quality product ( although left cntrl key had clicked sound when pressed & now it pressed deeper than other keys, anyway it's working normal - honestly I've better quality keyboard). Battery life seems good, full charged when arrived {27-4-2018} no recharge needed until now {16-5-2018} (approx. 19 days)
Not bad for the price. Keys are a bit wobbly and the key build could be more solid but like I said it's pretty cheap so it's pretty good for what you're paying. There were some issues with the shipping but the seller got that sorted quickly.
Working perfectly until now. Good remote. Have not tried programming the remote with my tv remote yet. But voice recognition is not working with my TV Stick. Still few features to check. Backlight works perfectly. However, the price should be a bit lesser. I got for $10.72.