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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for katsuki wig
This costume was amazing! I was a little bit worried about the sizing since I'm 5'4 and about 170 lbs, but it fit amazing! It got here very fast and everything about it feels nice and fit's well!
it's a very nice wig, it's feels super nice and the color is very accurate to Uraraka's hair color. But if you have a bit of a small head, you really need to cut the bangs a bit shorter, because it's very long. And the only thing I don't like is that it's very thin, and I recommend using a lot of hairspray on top to make sure you it won't show the wigcap.
the box was very damaged during transport. But the product is correct, I tried and I'm very happy! It is rare that the wigs are provided and they are not too expensive!I really appreciate this seller, a pity that there is no more choice
I'm really content with this product. It shipped in lightning speed considering that orders to Germany usually take several weeks for me. The quality is of the wig is absolutely marvellous for that price and it's very easy to style and work with. The only negative thing is that the wig is a tiny bit too small for my head (length wise) and you can see parts of my undercut peaking out.
Perfect! I'm so in love with this wig. It has a lot of hair and the colour is perfect and natural! It olny needs a bit of styling, but not too much, so it's very easy. It's arrived in only one week too, super fast!