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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for k 88
It's a good multimeter. It is precisely calibrated too, including thermocouple! Boiling water reads 100C, melting ice reads 0C, voltage stabilizer output reads exactly 5.00V as it should. Sadly, I cannot give it 5 stars. Display didn't work properly at first. Its plastic frame was slightly bent and didn't provide enough pressure for good contact between display and PCB. A few layers of duct tape stuck under the frame fixed that problem. Another problem is that everything on the front side is printed on some kind of plastic sheet that is glued to the case, and that sheet is all crooked and some holes do not match well. I'm going to rip it off and write everything important on the case itself with a permanent marker. Both of the above might be due to cheap plastic and overheating, but that would simply mean that you might need more duct tape if it gets hot. And lastly, there is a lot of flux residue on the PCB. Not critical since there are no high frequency signals, but still not good.