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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for joystick
Excellent product, dpad feels amazing, responsive and the sticks feels very good, shoulder buttons click great too. Really good product. Just plugs and plays into everything, no problem with the switch. Came really really well packaged, very good seller.
Guys, the controller is amazing! Really nice work 8Bitdo. It is really easy to use it with Switch, Android or any other of the platforms. It made me remind of the classic Snes controller, with the small details and similarities with it, but now with the new usability of the analogic sticks and bluetooth function. So, a good old nostalgia. Recommended. Thanks 8Bitdo!
They work great and feel authentic for the type of ps2 controllers they are made for, however I needed the other type and since the seller didn't specify which one it was, I ended up ordering the wrong one. When I contacted the seller they told me they sold the correct one and I ordered that one.