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Anti-mide bulantısı bantlar-100% doğal seyahat hareket ve sabah hastalık giderici-2 Acupressure bileklik seyahat essentials

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  • Uygulanabilir kişiler: Evrensel
  • Malzeme: nylon
  • Model numarası: Anti-Nausea Bands
  • Color: Random
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  • NO SIDE EFFECTS - When nausea starts spinning, the last thing you need is an undesired side effect. When all you want is to feel normal without depending on medication or drugs, Medi Grade Anti-Nausea Bands are a completely safe and all-natural solution to your nauseating discomfort. Simply apply the anti-sickness wristbands whenever a remedy is needed and remove them once relieved. It's that easy.

  • SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN TO PREVENT SICKNESS - Through deeper understanding of the human body, scientists around the world have proven the effectiveness of applying pressure to the wrist's Nei-Kuan points. This acupoint is often stimulated to relieve symptoms associated with nausea and vomiting. Using these motion sickness bands to gently massage the Nei-Kuan points will help prevent nausea as a result of morning, sea, or travel sickness.

  • CONVENIENT TRAVEL SIZE - Always be prepared for nausea, no matter where you are or where you're going with these tiny, yet powerful anti-sickness bands by your side. These travel sickness bands are small enough to carry in your bag or pocket without using any valuable space! A super convenient, clear plastic case is included to keep your nausea wristbands clean and compact on your way to any destination. Don't forget to buy an extra pair to keep at the office!

  • EFFECTIVE SICKNESS RELIEF MADE EASY - These incredibly simple anti-nausea wristbands could help keep you comfortable instead of having your head in the toilet. Place one of the motion or sea sickness bands on each wrist in the correct position as explained in the user manual. The positioning is very important, so be patient with the results. Once positioned over your Nei-Kuan points, simply massage the clinically developed inner-studs and wait for the sweet sigh of relief.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY FABRIC WRISTBANDS - Nausea related to travel, motion, or morning sickness can strike at any time, which is why you need a relief band you can always count on. The medical grade gauze increases the longevity of these motion sickness wristbands while remaining easy to wash without sacrificing effectiveness. The one size fits all elastic fabric ensures these acupressure bands remain effective regardless of wrist size. Discover the natural healing relief from nausea you deserve!


Main material nylon

General application

Suitable for sports general sports

Package Included:

2* wrist bands