Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for hoodi kadın
This is a really cute unicorn sweater. The sweater is a little thinner than I expected but it is still comfy and would be nice to wear at home or when it gets warmer outside. I love the hoodie and the strings tighten it. Overall it’s a really nice comfortable sweater to wear whenever.
The hoodie came well folded in a very small package. It took a month to arrive, which is ok compared to how long most products take to deliver here. The size I ordered is an L. It's quite big for me, but it's okay because I like to wear very large clothes! So for someone my height and weight I recommend an M. The fabric is really thin and soft, somewhat elastic, maybe not good for winter use unless you wear more layers of clothing underneath. And last but not least, the print is simply beautiful, really bright and high defined. I love unicorns.