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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for honoka
this is an great wig and looks almost exactly the same as the picture with a slight colour difference but it is still accurate to the character. I was a little worried as it arrived later than expected especially when for wigs from a later order from this company arrived before this one. once it did arrive I was most definitely happy with the product. As always I will happily use this company again!
this wig is amazing!! I tend to buy all my wigs from here, even so far as recommending them for my niece, and they’ve never failed me. they’re wonderfully soft and the wig itself is quite thick regardless of length. the ponytail clips are always strong and sturdy, too, so there’s no problems. the yellow ribbon with it is nice, too. it came in a nice box (wasn’t damaged) and was extremely fast (shipped the day after ordered it!) and arrived quickly! it came with a cute charm this time, which was nice! it also is in a sealed ziplock bag, the ponytail inside the wig itself, to protect it from any damage. I absolutely love it. the colour isn’t AS vibrant, but that’s not a problem for me at all. I love it, and thank you!