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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for high beast
Item received in good condition. Took 21 days to reach Malaysia via AliExpress standard shipping, but it is ok as it is free shipping. Very satisfied with seller prompt delivery and quality of the product...recommended seller and with trade with you again sir....
the shipping was very fast comparing to other sellers I have experienced that is a big plus. the quality of the indicator is good not mounted yet but hopefully no leak :D i both it for my tracer 700 and I'm struggling a bit to find where I can connect brake light wire but that's not the seller's problem. and for comparison there is the LED plus form Yamaha which is at least double the price for one sett and you need two but they are most likely a bit stronger as I have seen them myself and the brake light is always on and becomes stronger when braking instead of on/of like these ones but except for that there is no difference except the look. therefore I would choose these instead.
This is 1 review of mine of 2 sets of this product. this one will get 4 stars, the other will get 3 stars. the flashing of the LEDs seems too fast, the last 1/3rd to 1/th never lights up. One had a damaged cable which I repaired myself. Other than those 2 problems it seems ok, I have installed them 1 day now.