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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for heelless yüksek topuklu
Always measure your feet in centimeters to get the most accurate size. Always get a size up if your feet are wide or in between sizes. Make sure to put color, size, and material in your comment for order.
Received 19 days after the order was placed. Exactly as shown but in a purple shiny custom color, stamped (44) underneath on the 20cm heelless hoof standing 41cm tall, 18cm deep and 8cm wide. These well-made solid boots have 2 rows of 13 eyelets which are smooth, without any burrs or sharp edges both inside and outside. The 11cm wide tongue behind the long white lacing is pierced by the lacing between the fourth and fifth eyelets near the top to hold it in place. The inner lining of the upper polyurethane material is a white fabric. A 27cm long nylon side zipper with metal carriage and pull tab makes putting the boots on and off quick and easy. The boots are well balanced so that they stand unassisted separately on a smooth, level, flat surface. Using thick ballet pointe shoe toe caps makes it is possible to carefully walk and stand in these excellent fitting boots.
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