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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for gitar kore
These are great quality for the price and you can buy them individually if you need something different other than 2xT & 2V. Look like what you'd find on an epiphone. Nice screen printing on the caps, fits pot well. I've bought that many garbage pots that are supposed to look like this and never were. I'm extremely happy with quality and price. Product was over packaged and arrived in one price - awesome service for what you pay. I know where I'll buy knobs from in future - Thanks
Fairly high quality guitar knobs similar to the metal ones used on high end modern I****z guitars. The knurling quality isn't as good as the very official version (it doesn't line up cleanly with the top. but it is perpendicular), but definitely a great value knob! one of mine came without a grub screw though, so you might want to pick up some m4 grub screws yourself just in case.