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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for grafik
The shipping was very fast, it only took 10 days to come to my region when most stuff takes around a month. The tablet itself is amazing, the pen pressure sensitivity is very good and the circle key at the side is very useful. Definitely would reccomend to both begginers and more experienced artists.
IN GOOD STATE. The box and video cards reinforced with plastic. THE SELLER is responsible. The video cards look like new, I know they are used but I was surprised by the physical state of each of them. Thank you so much. Corresponds to the test and test bench.
Just like the picture, I am a XL and fits just like an L-XL and it got here in 2-3 weeks. The only thing is the shirt does have a strong smell to it. I recommend to hand wash it a few times then let it soak in cold water with baking soda over night and machine wash it again. It got rid of most of the smell but after that a few more washes and it will be gone.
It’s beautiful and fits me perfectly!! At first I was scared it would be too small due to size difference between China and the United States, but it actually fits like a medium!! Thank you so much!