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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for gift zone
Received in France 10 days only after the purchase! Excellent copy of the Casio Mudmaster GWG-1000 but 60 times cheaper. I'm very satisfied with this watch and can't recommend highly enough the seller Watch store! I'll definitely be back to them...
The product seems, at first glance, very good, great quality. The wristband is pretty large, I guess I'll take it to adjust, but everything else Is appearently fine. Yet have to try all of its functions, I'll give it a shot and make an update if needed. Seller was very nice and dispatched everything fast. Local Customs had the package for more than a month.
My kid broke my Phosphor World Time, so I took this watch as a replacement. It is similar quality, or even better, while 3 times cheaper!! It has e-ink positive/negative display and dual time, same as the Phosphor, but it also has alarm! Very happy with the watch, plus shipping was extra fast and secure. 5 star seller !!!