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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for gba için snes
Shipping was quicker than I was expecting, only took about 2 weeks. But, first when I plugged the controllers in, the console would go to a blank screen, this happened when the consoles power cord was plugged into an outlet. I then tried plugging the usb power cord into a lower voltage link from my Xbox, then it worked!! Games all seem to be working, it’s frustrating that the buttons are all different it seems. But seems to work, will have to explore more. If you’re having troubles with the controllers being plugged in and the consoles screen going black, I’d try switching to a lower voltage outlet, though.
had little problems with getting it across the border but the product itself is amazing litterly 600 games work fine contact with the seller is perfect they help you almost immediately
works fine, recommended seller only problem was, the power sorce is not for europe e for US, and the console restarted when i chage to portuguese language wile connected to the tv.
Works fine but instructions were very limited. No info on how to add extra games. Tried to add extra NeoGeo ROMs but they won't work. If you order this console, try it on the AV output instead of HDMI, it fills the whole screen and seems to run better.
I have to try it out for real but it works fine good packaging no damage so I'm really happy and will use it many times nice pouch and very little brick game will recommend this seller
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