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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for full adhesive s8 plus
The product is as described, and fits well on the S8 inside the Spigen Ultra Hybrid case for the S8. The template seems to line up the screen protector slightly off center, but that seems to be the best way to get it mostly adhered. There is a tiny lip on both sides not adhered, but not very noticeable especially when the phone is on and with a case.
This screen protector is definitely good for its money. The whole glass is covered with adhesive as advertised. At the same time I have to mention that it was definitely hard to put it on the phone even for a person with a lot of experience. Indeed, one of the sides is still not willing to glue to the screen. Also I was not able to get rid from all of the dust underneath the glass. Delivery to the Netherlands took 6 days.
Ordered it for S9+. The Glass is full adhesive as described and touch sensitivity is super. The only minus is that the corners do not stick to the phone completely (the perks of having a curved screen) but it doesn't interfere with the use and is hardly noticable. Not perfect but so far it's the best glass i've tried for S9+.
Very good quality item, if some sellers have complains about sensitivity or else more, they don't know how to mount it or have bad intensions. This is my second purchase from this seller after S8 tempered full glue glass, now for S9, same high quality for both types.